Backend Developer

Alice Puricica

About Alice

I am humble e-commerce developer who started with working at Ucommerce and the jumping the fence and working with Ucommerce and Umbraco in the agency business. After dabbling a bit as a full- stacker, I wanted to specialize as a backend developer in the e-commerce business and am currently doing that at No Zebra. The very interesting leap provided me with some insights and interesting cases for Umbraco commerce, from development to UX.

The speakers

Niels Hartvig

Umbraco HQ
Niels Hartvig is the founder and Chief Unicorn of Umbraco. He is the heart and soul of the project and works hard to keep Umbraco moving forward while staying true to its core values and remaining a friendly and transparent CMS

Callum Whyte

Umbraco MVP x2 and Certified Master
Callum is a times two Umbraco MVP, Master and senior developer. As one of the baristas who brings you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee (live every Friday!) he lives and breathes the world of Umbraco.

Alice Puricica

No Zebra

Alice is a backend developer working at No Zebra in denmark. She's currently specializing in Umbraco Ecommerce solutions.  

Rasmus Söderström


Rasmus is the head of Web & Application Development at Impera and has been working with Umbraco for the last 3 years. But more importantly, here's here to make the festival run smoothly. 

Emelie Borg


Emelie is a Web Analyst at Impera with multiple years of experiece Converstion Optimization and web analysis. How well do you know your visitors?

Karin Lundgren


She started optimizing for search in Cape Town back in 2014 for the gambling industry. Now, as team leader and SEO specialist, Karin has a strong experience increasing the organic visibility for a broad spectrum of clients. 

To be announced

More speakers will be announced as we go along. Check back soon!


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