Partner & CCO at Ucommerce

Martin Sandvad

Martin Sandvad is Partner and CCO at Ucommerce. Even though he is not a developer and does not write code or edit websites he has been a part of Ucommerce for a very long time. He is responsible for managing partners, contracts and licenses, sales and budgets, and representing Ucommerce on different platforms.


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Accelerated commerce on Umbraco Cloud – Uccelerate

For years Ucommerce has been the preferred commerce option for Umbraco, bringing enterprise commerce capabilities to Umbraco, while at the same time boasting a Content & Commerce story. While technically true, the story was not convincing when it came to delighting the editors – an Umbraco focal point. But with Uccelerate, this has all changed.

Uccelerate is all what developers and editors are looking for, when it comes to Content & Commerce on Umbraco. Built for Umbraco Cloud, the seamless integration makes it possible for editors to take control over their own website, and easily work with campaign sites, marketing campaigns and sales landing pages. With Uccelerate, developers and editors get all the advantages of a Shop-in-a-box, while at the same time having all the freedom through the extendability and flexibility of Umbraco and Ucommerce – it is truly the best of both worlds.

It is so fast and easy to work with, that you can easily spin up a POC with your customers look & feel – as well as their products – and visualize how their commerce future could look like - and simply create more business with less effort!

This will be a hands-on session, down and dirty with the fearless team of Webmind demoing the crap out of Uccelerate, so you don’t want to miss out on this!

The speakers

Niels Hartvig

Umbraco HQ
Niels Hartvig is the founder and Chief Unicorn of Umbraco. He is the heart and soul of the project and works hard to keep Umbraco moving forward while staying true to its core values and remaining a friendly and transparent CMS

Callum Whyte

The Cogworks
Callum is an Umbraco MVP, Master and senior developer at The Cogworks, based in London. As one of the baristas who brings you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee (live every Friday!) he lives and breathes the world of Umbraco.

Markus Johansson

Obviuse AB
Markus Johansson has been a part of the Swedish Umbraco community for more than ten years. During this time, he has led various Umbraco courses and he has also spoken at many Umbraco events in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany.

Pauline Mämpel

Future Eyewear Group
Pauline has worked with e-commerce and project management for more than 8 years, both at web agencies and in-house at retail companies. Right now she works as e-commerce mangaer at Future Eyewear Group Sweden AB.

Kenneth Jakobsen

Umbraco HQ
Kenneth Jakobsen is a senior developer at Umbraco HQ. When he started working at Umbraco HQ, Kenneth got the chance to be “on the other side” of things and use that as fuel to enhance the Umbraco experience and improve Umbraco Cloud.

Martin Sandvad

Martin Sandvad is Partner and CCO at Ucommerce. Even though he is not a developer and does not write code or edit websites he has been a part of Ucommerce for a very long time.

Lars-Erik Aabech

MarkedsPartner AS
Lars-Erik has been working with web development for 20 years. During this time, he has been involved in projects from a wide variety of industries and software types.

Anders Trans Sørensen

Umbraco HQ
Before Anders started working for Umbraco he was a Sales Director for more than five years. In his talk, you will hear about the agency's life-cycle and what elements you shout be aware of as your agency is growing.

Simon Lyder

Simon Lyder is the CTO at Struct and he will be telling us about Struct PIM and the advantages of an Umbraco integrated PIM-system.

Emma Ekholm

Emma Ekholm is Partner and CFO at Webmind. Emma will be the first speaker of the day and she will start the festival off by welcoming everyone.

Max Riis Christensen

What does it take to succeed abroad in the world of e-commerce, where European and Global companies play a dominant role? Max Riis Christensen will share his experiences.

Anders Wallqvist

Nowa Kommunikation
Social Selling is to find and create business relations with new clients online, via social network. Anders Wallqvist from Nowa Kommunikation, shows why and how.

Linus Dahl

Linus Dahl, Frontend and UI/UX Designer at Webmind, will during the Keynote given by Martin Sandvad be demoing the crap out of Uccelerate.


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